How to Edit PDF File

This is a How-To Article to Manipulate or Edit PDF file. After reading you would be able to Edit PDF File with Basic and Advanced Editing options. A list of free Basic and Advanced PDF Editors has been mentioned. You can download free of cost.

What is PDF?

“PDF” stands for ‘Portable Document Format’. Independent of Application Software, Hardware and OS (can open in web-browser), it is one of the most reliable and space saving document presentation format which allow you to include Text, Images, Charts, Links and even a Video.

PDF was introduced by Co-Founder of Adobe Systems, Mr. John Warnocks in 1991. Previously it was called ‘Camelot’ and later on evolved into PDF. Large documents can be saved in PDF format without compromising their graphic quality. More over Password Security and difficult editing of PDF Files make it more reliable format for documents. Almost everyone, from Students to Professionals, from individual to large business organizations, everybody uses PDF formats for their documents. You can just understand the popularity of PDF format by searching ‘filetype:pdf’ into Google Search. You would see that over 693+ million PDF files are available online on Google alone.

Why PDF is so popular? Why everyone like PDF as preferred document type?

Well, it has many features, which people find beneficial and like to use it. Some of them are:

(1) Compact Size – You can save large amount of data in a compact file size. Comparing other document types, even if you compress the file size, it preserves the original quality of the data, viz, Text, Image etc.

(2) Secure – You can protect your PDF file with Password. Also PDF files are not easy to Edit / manipulate. Therefore, it has better chances to protect the original wording/format of your documents.

(3) User Friendly – PDF files are user friendly. It offers a fixed flat-type layout and is visible through any type of device, say it Mobile, Tables, Laptops, Desktop anything.

(4) Availability & Easy to Create – PDF file type is famous and rather than buy a licensed Acrobat Software, many free PDF software are available which allow you to create and edit PDF file without any cost.

Why to Edit PDF Files and requirement of PDF Editor Software?

PDF file format is meant for output screen viewing only, an accurate representation of your original document. It becomes difficult to edit a PDF file once it is published. Also some PDF files may stop you from selection of a text area and copying it to another file. Consider a situation where you find some grammatical error in your PDF file and you have lost your original text document with which you have created that PDF file! You can understand the pain to reworking again. Many of us encounter this situation. There is no way left other than editing to correct such kind of mistakes or adding/deleting extra information. Editing PDF file is a tricky process. If not done carefully, you can destroy your document. Here it becomes necessary to use a good PDF Editor to do the needful.

How to edit PDF files?

I strongly recommend, if you want to edit a PDF file, give first preference to your original word-file or any kind of text document. Edit in the original file and then covert/reconvert it to PDF format. However, if you have download a PDF file from internet or received from a source, you may not be in a position to edit PDF file from the original source and you may also require changing authorship and other MetaData details. Therefore, here I am going to share with you some basic and advanced editing options for PDF files.

You have two options. One is edit pdf file directly and other is to convert it into another format and then again after editing reconvert it to PDF file.

Edit PDF Files Using Adobe Acrobat

Editing pdf file with Adobe Acrobat is not a difficult task and anybody can achieve this goal. This option only works when you have licensed Adobe Acrobat installed on your Computer. However, you may find some other problems, like fonts matching and password protection. If you are editing a pdf file and you don’t have the fonts with which that pdf file is created, you would not be able to edit it. Of course there are thousands of fonts available on internet, but sometimes it becomes difficult to find out which font has been used to create that original pdf file and I am sure you don’t have full day to try one after another. However, generally, Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana and Georgia fonts are used for pdf files.

edit pdf files

Edit PDF Files Online for Basic Tasks

Sometimes you may need to edit/change only some headline, personal contact information etc. In such cases online editing of pdf files can be considered. Just Google and you will find many free online PDF sites which offer free services. You have to upload your PDF file to these websites and then you can download the converted PDF file in other format. For example, you upload a pdf file, the website converts it to a Word File to download. You can edit this downloaded word file and can reconvert to PDF file.

Note: If you have some confidential or personal information which you don’t wish to disclose, please do not go for online free website. Rather, you should install free software from internet, convert it into word/text format and then do the editing. Please consider ‘Advanced’ editing options mentioned below.

Some Free Online PDF File Editing Sites

I have selected few websites which allows to edit pdf file online. You can try any of them as per your requirement.

(1) PDF Escape

It helps you to manipulate or edit pdf files online. Even you can try password protected files too. Upload your file, do the required editing and download. You can also register to this site which allows you to edit your previous worked pdf files. What I like with PDF Escape, is ‘Form Filler’ option. You can fill forms and print online.

edit pdf file

With PDF Escape you can hide a particular part with your text or you can use Whiteout option. You can also add comments to a particular area with ‘Sticky Notes’ option.

(2) PDFzen

edit pdf file

It is another cool site which allows you to edit and share your PDF file from the web-browser. You can put your signature, comments, highlight the text etc. Upload your pdf files to the site, do the editing and download it.

Suppose, if you don’t have a printer to print your edited PDF file and you want to send it to person, PDFZen would a great tool. You can send the edited pdf file online to anyone.

(3) FillAnyPDF

I love this site. A great tool for your forms. You can upload any form in PDF and can fill them online. Also you can upload a form in MS-Word file format and can share with your friend. You can ask them to fill the forms and track-back online. No need to download. If you have any online form related work, I would say, just try FillAnyForm once.

How to Change or Edit Meta Data Details of PDF Files?

Meta Data of any PDF file stands for its properties and relation to a specific person, like Author Name, Keywords, Creation Data, Title etc. If you are editing a downloaded file you may like to change the authorship, tile etc. Also if you are planning to post your PDF file online, you should consider meta-data details of the pdf file. It helps in search engine rankings.

You can try Free PDF Meta Data Editor and BeCyPDF MetaEdit. BeCyPDFMetaEdit also helps you to remove pdf passwords as well as you can encrypt a pdf file too.

If you have a Mac you can try PDF Meta Edit for Mac.

Advanced Editing of PDF Files

Of-course now you know the basic editing of PDF files and you know to how to edit text, meta-data, hiding text in a PDF File etc. But still there are many things left behind. You may like to change the complete look of a pdf file. And here you have to work with headlines, resize or changing images, text font-and-size, signature, watermarks. If you are considering all these stuffs, you need an advanced pdf editor.

If you have licenses Acrobat Adobe Reader it will be fine. But, if you don’t have, don’t worry. There are number of free advanced pdf editor software available. I have selected a few, you can try.

Edit PDF File using Free Alternative to Adobe Acrobat

(1) PDF Editor

edit pdf fileIt is free advanced pdf editor software. You can download it for Windows or Mac OS. You can create or edit pdf file just like you are work in Ms-Word. You can edit or delete text, change font, split or merge pages, add signature or watermarks. You can do whatever you want with PDF Editor.





(2) NitroReader

I say, it is one of the #1 Free PDF Editor. You can create any PDF file virtually or within the Nitro Reader. It converts any type of file to a printable PDF file. Also it gives you ready 300+ templates to create your own PDF file as per your requirement. Drag an existing file to Nitro Read and it will convert it to a PDF file. You can manipulate any existing file by changing / hiding/ deleting any text or image on the file. See below a Youtube Video to see how it works:

(3) Quick PDF Tools

edit pdf file

Likes its name it is a quick pdf manipulating tool. Quick PDF tools allow you to edit texts, split or merge page to a single file. You can edit metadata details or even you can protect it with a password. While creating a PDF file you can see a print preview in advance. It can also convert images to a pdf file.

Apart from the above mentioned software you can also try iPDF Express, PDF Rider.

I hope you would have found this information valuable towards editing PDF Files. If you like this article please join our Facebook Page.