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How to Submit a Blog in Technorati

edit pdf file

How to Edit PDF File

This is a How-To Article to Manipulate or Edit PDF file. After reading you would be able to Edit PDF File with Basic and Advanced Editing options. A list of free Basic and Advanced PDF Editors has been mentioned. You can download free of cost. What is PDF? “PDF” stands for ‘Portable Document Format’. ...

Desktop Reddit Clients that You Must Have

Do Reddit’s contents really appeal to you, but its organization comes as a drawback? Then Windows Reddit clients is just for you. These are third party programs which arrange content that you already are in love with in such a way that you might be at ease with. Column wise view of sub reddits, system ...

Things Missing from Windows 8

With the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft has given its operating system a fresh lease of life. Windows 8 is completely different from any previous version of Windows, with many traditional Windows features missing in it. Some of them are: 1.      No Start Menu/Start Button Since Windows 98, the ...

How to Run an Internet Radio Station

Internet Radio is a business that is growing rapidly, and flourishing at an equally fast rate. In today’s world of cutting edge broadcasting, traditional FM/AM radio stations are finding it difficult to survive. Internet Radio, on the other hand, faces no such threat, and is increasing its reach every ...

Tools that can help you filter your tweets

Having an account on Twitter gives you access to a big bunch of news, updates, information, and all kinds of other tweets. Twitter gives you the option of ‘following’ the accounts of those people whose updates you want to receive. However, with no ceiling on the amount of accounts you can follow, ...

Why Google Keep cannot replace Evernote?

Google Keep and Evernote are both note-taking applications designed to make life easier for the common man. However, Evernote had been on the market long before Google forayed into it. Though Google has tried to make up for this lag, it has not been able to match up with Evernote’s standards. While ...
windows 8 change account picture

Change Account Picture in Windows 8

Windows 8 is the latest OS from Windows. In Windows 8, the image that is used as ‘Account Picture’ is an image which is associated with your current account and is displayed on your Login screen as well as on your Start screen. Unlike in the earlier versions of Windows (up to Windows 7), Windows ...
ipad user interface

How to add iPad user interface to your PC

If you want to enable iPad user interface in your PC, you can easily do it by making use of Winlaunch app. This app has been designed for Windows Vista and higher version of Windows Operating Systems. The biggest benefit of this app is that it is a portable app, which means, that there is no cumbersome ...
wifi pc

How to Turn PC to WiFi Hotspot

For those who do not have a wireless network at home, and even for those who do, Windows provides a pretty simple method for turning your computer into a Wi-Fi hotspot from where you can connect all your wireless devices: your iPod, iPhone or just about any Wi-Fi enabled device. Things you need to keep ...
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