delete chrome history

How to Delete Chrome History Selectively

Google Chrome has a sharp memory and it is quite good when it come to memorize your browsing data, whether it is search history or web-pages. But may you would not wish to reveal your browsing pattern to anyone who opens the Google Chrome after you. Well, you can delete chrome history (browsing data) with just few clicks.

Delete Chrome History

Open the ‘History’ tab under Chrome. Write ‘chrome://history’ in the address bar and hit enter. Else, on the top right corner click on settings (three horizontal lines) and then select history.

Short Key: Ctrl + H

delete chrome history

Now click on ‘Clear Browsing History’ tab. A new pop-up window, called ‘Clear browsing data’, will open with a number of selective options viz, browsing history, download history etc. Check the boxes as per your requirement and click on ‘Clear browsing data’.

Note: In this ‘Clear Browsing Data’ window you can select a range of time to clear the browsing history of that particular time. For example – the past hour / the past day etc.

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Delete Chrome History Selectively

Think in other ways. There may be that you wish to delete some certain keywords from your browsing data or some particular website(s) or certain web-pages of a website. In such case you can use search history filler, with which you can delete some specific keyword(s) or web-pages without loosing all your browsing history.

In this case there may be many or few number of web-pages with a certain keyword or site-domain. Here, you need to select manually one-by-one from the results to delete. But say, if the result comes with 100s in number, manual selection may eat up your time.  Chrome doesn’t offer ‘Select All’ option in Chrome. Well, you can select multiple consecutive matches at once. Check the first box from the results, hold the ‘Shift Key’, scroll down and check on the last box. All of the browsing pages within this range will be selected and then you can delete it.

Here, I have created a simple video which will make you understand better towards deleting your chrome history.

gmail contacts export

Export Import Gmail Contacts

In any case, if you need to change your Gmail account you may wish all your Gmail contacts to transfer to a new Gmail account. Then how to do it? Its simple. Google offers an easy system which allows you to export Gmail contacts from one Gmail account to other Gmail account(s). You can do it at your disposal with just few clicks. Here is how.

Export Gmail Contacts in Excel file format

Step 1: Login to your Gmail account which has Contacts which you wish to export to other account. And then go to Contacts

Step 2: Click on ‘More’ dropdown option.

Step 3: Click on ‘Export’.

export gmail contacts

Step 4: A pop-up windows will open called ‘Export Contacts’. You can choose to export Gmail contacts within a selected Group or you can choose to export all contacts at once.

export gmail contacts

Next, I have selected CSV format to export Gmail contacts in Excel file.  A CSV (Excel) file will download with details of your Gmail contacts. By default the file name is ‘google’. You can change the file name for your reference and can store it in your computer for future reference.

Import Gmail Contacts to other Gmail account

It is the time to Import Gmail accounts which have exported in the above process. Login to your Gmail account in which you wish to Import the contacts. Go to Contacts > More and then select ‘Import’.

import gmail contacts

Browse the Gmail contact file (CSV) and click on ‘Import’. You will see all your Gmail contacts will come to this Gmail account.

import gmail contacts

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Benefits of CSV file while exporting the contacts You can open CSV file type with Google Docs, Ms-Excel or with any open source excel format. This makes it an easy format for current and future reference. On the other part, you may edit or delete though these contacts as per your requirement before importing to the new Gmail account. Note: It will automatically find the new contracts and will be merged with old Gmail contacts already present there, which means you don’t need to worry for duplicate contract.

Video: How to Export and Import Gmail Contacts

outlook spell check thumbnail

How to perform spell check in Outlook?

Mr. Vankat sent an outlook-email to one of the reliable customer with a carbon-copy (CC) to his Boss. Soon after, Boss found spelling mistakes in the email and took it very seriously as it affected the credibility of the Company. Off-course you would never wish to find yourself in place of Mr. Vankat.

Outlook offers spell check option which works during the writing of an email or check it automatically before sending to a recipient. It is not a geek task. But anyways; let’s do perform an outlook spell check manually and automatically before sending email.

Manual Outlook Spell Check

outlook-spell-checkIn case, if there is spelling mistake in word/words during writing of an email, Outlook brings a red coloured underline to that wrong spelled word(s).

You may change it or just click right on these word(s), which brings a dropdown pop-up with a suggestion of possible words. Select any word of your choice to avoid spelling mistakes.

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Shortcut to Spell Check

It might be possible that you wish to complete your email first before starting a spell check word by word. To speed up this process, Outlook has a Shortcut for you.

Press Functional Key F7


A new window will come-up, called ‘Spelling and Grammar’. It will highlight the wrong spelled words with related suggestions. You may select the right suggestion and click ‘Change’ for the changes. See pic above.

Ignore Once and Ignore All: If you finds that a particular word(s) is right according to you and spell check shows redline, you may select ‘Ignore Once’ and ‘Ignore All’ to save your time.

Add to the Directory: Additionally you may add a specific word (Example: Company or Person Name etc.) under ‘Add to the Directory’ option and it would not show the red underline next time you write the email.

When you are done, close this pop-up window.

Automatic spell check before sending any email

You can also set an automatic spell check before sending any email. That means it will remind you and check automatically if outlook finds any spelling mistake in your email.

With following steps you can set your Outlook to perform an automatic spell check:

Step 1: Go tools.

Step 2: Select options and a new pop-up ‘Options’ window will come up.

Step 3: Go to ‘Spelling’ tab and

Step 4: Check ‘Always check spelling before sending’ and click Ok button.


Advanced setting of Spell Check

If you click on ‘Spelling and Auto-Correction’ a window will come on which you can select a number of advanced spell check functions. See picture below.


I hope you would have found this Outlook Tip useful.


How to Select a Printer as a Default Printer?


Windows has an option which asks you to select a printer whenever you are going to print a document or file, no matter if a numbers of printers are installed to your computer or you are connected to a network with multiple printers. You may select a specific printer as your default printer, which means, on a print command, you no need to go through and search the printers installed on that computer / network and then selecting that particular printer of your choice. It will save your time and you will have no hazards to select the printer every time you need.

Here is how you can select a printer as a default printer.

Step 1: Go to Start Button and then click on ‘Control Panel’.


Step 2: Under the ‘Hardware and Sound’, click on ‘View Devices and Printers’.

set default printer

Step 3: On the new window you will see a number of printers installed on your computer or through the network. Click ‘Right’ on the printer which you wish to make your default printer and  then select ‘Set as default printer’.

set default printer

You can also set your default printer with ‘Devices and Printer’ on the start button.

Go to Start Button > Devices and Printers > Right Click on the Printer and select ‘Set as default printer’.

Congratulation you have successfully selected your default printer.


Organize Your Browser with Pin Tab

“I can open as many as 20 or more tabs at once and I can switch to the most useful-one anytime. Sounds pretty well! Isn’t it? Yes it is true.”


If you are student, a researcher, a SEO Professional, you name it, searching or surfing though many web pages open at once in a single browser, may sometime, create confusion. It happened to me too. Now! Not anymore. Chrome, Firefox and Opera give you pretty handy tool called ‘Pin It’ to stay you organized with as many has tabs opened in your browser.

What is Pin Tab?

It is browser option which allows you to ‘Pin’ a webpage by shrinking the size of the tab and shifting it towards the left of the Brower. You would be able to see a favicon of that Webpage/Pinned Tab on the left side.

How to Pin a Tab?

It’s quite simple.

pin tab

1. Open the Tab which you want to Pin.

2. Click right on the Tab and select ‘Pin It’ and you are done.

How to close pinned tabs?

Like other Tabs you would not see ‘X’ option on the pinned tabs. Which means you can not close it with ‘X’ button. Actually, it helps in case of accidental closure of a pinned tab.

To unpin it, click right on Pinned Tab and select ‘Unpin it’. Now you will be able to close it like a normal tab. Else, just click right and select ‘Close Tab’.

Advantage of Pin Tabs

1.  It helps you to separate the most useful tab by shifting that particular tab on the left side.

2. It become handy when you wish to open a new tab and it opens on the right side, which means it would not mix-up with pinned tabs.

3. You can easily pin or unpin a browser-tab in no time.

Accidental closure and Browser restart.

You don’t need to recall pinned tabs if you close a browser accidentally. The pinned tab will open automatically just as you left them when your browser restarts. It works fine with updated versions of Chrome and Firefox.

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Note: In case of Opera, pinned tabs will not open automatically after a browser restart. You can fix it like following:

1. Go to Opera button on the upper left corner.

2. Select Settings and go to Browser.

3. From the StartUp Option, click the radio button which says, ‘Continue where I left off.’


Hope, this will help you a little to organize your messy tabs.

How to Sync Gmail contacts with Android

Smartphones using Google’s Android OS gives you the power to use Google services. If you use Gmail on Android Phone, you can traster or sync Gmail contact list with it. The process is simple, painless and it doesn’t take too much of your time. When you have your Gmail contacts on your Android phone, you can make call, send SMS or email very easily. All you need to have a wi-fi or GPRS connection activated on your Android phone.

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Here is a step-by-step guide to Sync Gmail contacts with your Android phone

(1)    First of all login to your Gmail account with your PC or Laptop.

(2)    Go to ‘Contact’ – Option available on the top left side.

(3)    Create contacts (Name, Email Address, Phone No. etc.). You may create as many as you want.

(4)    Now you need to go to ‘Settings’ on your phone and select ‘Account and Sync’

(5)    Select your Gmail account with with you want to sync your contacts

(6)    Select ‘Sync Contacts’ and you are done.

The cool part is, that when you add a new contact with your Android phone, it automatically goes to your Gmail account. That means you don’t need to add it separately to Gmail. Secondly suppose if you lost your pohne, your would be in a position to access your contacts anytime with your Gmail Account.

edit pdf file

How to Edit PDF File

This is a How-To Article to Manipulate or Edit PDF file. After reading you would be able to Edit PDF File with Basic and Advanced Editing options. A list of free Basic and Advanced PDF Editors has been mentioned. You can download free of cost.

What is PDF?

“PDF” stands for ‘Portable Document Format’. Independent of Application Software, Hardware and OS (can open in web-browser), it is one of the most reliable and space saving document presentation format which allow you to include Text, Images, Charts, Links and even a Video.

PDF was introduced by Co-Founder of Adobe Systems, Mr. John Warnocks in 1991. Previously it was called ‘Camelot’ and later on evolved into PDF. Large documents can be saved in PDF format without compromising their graphic quality. More over Password Security and difficult editing of PDF Files make it more reliable format for documents. Almost everyone, from Students to Professionals, from individual to large business organizations, everybody uses PDF formats for their documents. You can just understand the popularity of PDF format by searching ‘filetype:pdf’ into Google Search. You would see that over 693+ million PDF files are available online on Google alone.

Why PDF is so popular? Why everyone like PDF as preferred document type?

Well, it has many features, which people find beneficial and like to use it. Some of them are:

(1) Compact Size – You can save large amount of data in a compact file size. Comparing other document types, even if you compress the file size, it preserves the original quality of the data, viz, Text, Image etc.

(2) Secure – You can protect your PDF file with Password. Also PDF files are not easy to Edit / manipulate. Therefore, it has better chances to protect the original wording/format of your documents.

(3) User Friendly – PDF files are user friendly. It offers a fixed flat-type layout and is visible through any type of device, say it Mobile, Tables, Laptops, Desktop anything.

(4) Availability & Easy to Create – PDF file type is famous and rather than buy a licensed Acrobat Software, many free PDF software are available which allow you to create and edit PDF file without any cost.

Why to Edit PDF Files and requirement of PDF Editor Software?

PDF file format is meant for output screen viewing only, an accurate representation of your original document. It becomes difficult to edit a PDF file once it is published. Also some PDF files may stop you from selection of a text area and copying it to another file. Consider a situation where you find some grammatical error in your PDF file and you have lost your original text document with which you have created that PDF file! You can understand the pain to reworking again. Many of us encounter this situation. There is no way left other than editing to correct such kind of mistakes or adding/deleting extra information. Editing PDF file is a tricky process. If not done carefully, you can destroy your document. Here it becomes necessary to use a good PDF Editor to do the needful.

How to edit PDF files?

I strongly recommend, if you want to edit a PDF file, give first preference to your original word-file or any kind of text document. Edit in the original file and then covert/reconvert it to PDF format. However, if you have download a PDF file from internet or received from a source, you may not be in a position to edit PDF file from the original source and you may also require changing authorship and other MetaData details. Therefore, here I am going to share with you some basic and advanced editing options for PDF files.

You have two options. One is edit pdf file directly and other is to convert it into another format and then again after editing reconvert it to PDF file.

Edit PDF Files Using Adobe Acrobat

Editing pdf file with Adobe Acrobat is not a difficult task and anybody can achieve this goal. This option only works when you have licensed Adobe Acrobat installed on your Computer. However, you may find some other problems, like fonts matching and password protection. If you are editing a pdf file and you don’t have the fonts with which that pdf file is created, you would not be able to edit it. Of course there are thousands of fonts available on internet, but sometimes it becomes difficult to find out which font has been used to create that original pdf file and I am sure you don’t have full day to try one after another. However, generally, Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana and Georgia fonts are used for pdf files.

edit pdf files

Edit PDF Files Online for Basic Tasks

Sometimes you may need to edit/change only some headline, personal contact information etc. In such cases online editing of pdf files can be considered. Just Google and you will find many free online PDF sites which offer free services. You have to upload your PDF file to these websites and then you can download the converted PDF file in other format. For example, you upload a pdf file, the website converts it to a Word File to download. You can edit this downloaded word file and can reconvert to PDF file.

Note: If you have some confidential or personal information which you don’t wish to disclose, please do not go for online free website. Rather, you should install free software from internet, convert it into word/text format and then do the editing. Please consider ‘Advanced’ editing options mentioned below.

Some Free Online PDF File Editing Sites

I have selected few websites which allows to edit pdf file online. You can try any of them as per your requirement.

(1) PDF Escape

It helps you to manipulate or edit pdf files online. Even you can try password protected files too. Upload your file, do the required editing and download. You can also register to this site which allows you to edit your previous worked pdf files. What I like with PDF Escape, is ‘Form Filler’ option. You can fill forms and print online.

edit pdf file

With PDF Escape you can hide a particular part with your text or you can use Whiteout option. You can also add comments to a particular area with ‘Sticky Notes’ option.

(2) PDFzen

edit pdf file

It is another cool site which allows you to edit and share your PDF file from the web-browser. You can put your signature, comments, highlight the text etc. Upload your pdf files to the site, do the editing and download it.

Suppose, if you don’t have a printer to print your edited PDF file and you want to send it to person, PDFZen would a great tool. You can send the edited pdf file online to anyone.

(3) FillAnyPDF

I love this site. A great tool for your forms. You can upload any form in PDF and can fill them online. Also you can upload a form in MS-Word file format and can share with your friend. You can ask them to fill the forms and track-back online. No need to download. If you have any online form related work, I would say, just try FillAnyForm once.

How to Change or Edit Meta Data Details of PDF Files?

Meta Data of any PDF file stands for its properties and relation to a specific person, like Author Name, Keywords, Creation Data, Title etc. If you are editing a downloaded file you may like to change the authorship, tile etc. Also if you are planning to post your PDF file online, you should consider meta-data details of the pdf file. It helps in search engine rankings.

You can try Free PDF Meta Data Editor and BeCyPDF MetaEdit. BeCyPDFMetaEdit also helps you to remove pdf passwords as well as you can encrypt a pdf file too.

If you have a Mac you can try PDF Meta Edit for Mac.

Advanced Editing of PDF Files

Of-course now you know the basic editing of PDF files and you know to how to edit text, meta-data, hiding text in a PDF File etc. But still there are many things left behind. You may like to change the complete look of a pdf file. And here you have to work with headlines, resize or changing images, text font-and-size, signature, watermarks. If you are considering all these stuffs, you need an advanced pdf editor.

If you have licenses Acrobat Adobe Reader it will be fine. But, if you don’t have, don’t worry. There are number of free advanced pdf editor software available. I have selected a few, you can try.

Edit PDF File using Free Alternative to Adobe Acrobat

(1) PDF Editor

edit pdf fileIt is free advanced pdf editor software. You can download it for Windows or Mac OS. You can create or edit pdf file just like you are work in Ms-Word. You can edit or delete text, change font, split or merge pages, add signature or watermarks. You can do whatever you want with PDF Editor.





(2) NitroReader

I say, it is one of the #1 Free PDF Editor. You can create any PDF file virtually or within the Nitro Reader. It converts any type of file to a printable PDF file. Also it gives you ready 300+ templates to create your own PDF file as per your requirement. Drag an existing file to Nitro Read and it will convert it to a PDF file. You can manipulate any existing file by changing / hiding/ deleting any text or image on the file. See below a Youtube Video to see how it works:

(3) Quick PDF Tools

edit pdf file

Likes its name it is a quick pdf manipulating tool. Quick PDF tools allow you to edit texts, split or merge page to a single file. You can edit metadata details or even you can protect it with a password. While creating a PDF file you can see a print preview in advance. It can also convert images to a pdf file.

Apart from the above mentioned software you can also try iPDF Express, PDF Rider.

I hope you would have found this information valuable towards editing PDF Files. If you like this article please join our Facebook Page.


Desktop Reddit Clients that You Must Have

Do Reddit’s contents really appeal to you, but its organization comes as a drawback? Then Windows Reddit clients is just for you. These are third party programs which arrange content that you already are in love with in such a way that you might be at ease with. Column wise view of sub reddits, system tray containing notifications, or pop up windows containing a summary of what’s taking place. Articles with only text versions can be delivered and images can be automatically pulled down using advanced features, which increases efficiency and checks waste of time. Currently too many desktop clients of Reddit are not available in the market as the idea hasn’t yet hit the stands, but there do exist a few which will help in streamlining the Reddit experience.



According to reports this one is presently the paramount Reddit client available for Windows. All the subreddits are arranged in the shape of tiles, articles with complete text versions are put up above all the comments with the help of Readability, and simple hovering of the mouse over all the images will allow previewing.

Reditr is not only meant for Windows, it can be used in the Mac and on a Linux as well. Different versions are available for different Operating systems..

 Windows 8 Applications For Reddit


There is good news for Windows 8 users – its Metro interface has inspired more than just a bunch of people who have created Reddit clients. A chief of them is ‘Reddit To Go’; it offers a spontaneous experience for Win 8.

Reddit To Go though is not the lone Reddit app which is on offer from Microsoft, it is just the best rated one. If Reddit To Go does not comply by your standards, then there are other options like Snoo for Reddit and also Charming Reddit. In terms of experience both these apps are parallel with Reddit To Go.

Pokki Apps For Reddit


A Pokki app brings a substitute start menu for Windows 8. Another app named Reddi gives easy access to the web and the popular things on Reddit.



If all that’s required is checking notifications then RedditNotify is the most apt.

Other Operating Systems

For Android tablets or phones a good Reddit client is Reddit is fun and others. For Apple users, Alien Blue is the way.


Things Missing from Windows 8

With the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft has given its operating system a fresh lease of life. Windows 8 is completely different from any previous version of Windows, with many traditional Windows features missing in it. Some of them are:

No Start Menu/Start Button


Since Windows 98, the Start Menu and the Start button have been integral parts of the operating system. Windows 8 does not have either the Start button, or the Start menu. If you want to open up your Start screen, you will have to hold your mouse over the lower-left corner of your screen to reveal the Start screen.

The Start screen is where you can type an installed program’s name to search for it. To launch a program, you will similarly have to type the name of the program on the Start screen. This wholly new interface will be a bit jarring for traditional Windows users.

Windows Aero has been removed


Windows Aero, the visual centerpiece used by Windows Vista and Windows 7, which provides a translucent, glass-like design with subtle animations, has been completely removed. Although preview versions of Windows 8 have it, it has internally been removed, and will not feature in the final version.

Along with Aero, Windows 8 has also done away with ‘Flip 3D’.

No DVD Playback and Windows Media Center


Nowadays, with the prevalence of Netflix and other online media-streaming services, many Windows 8 computers are being designed without DVD drives, as DVD playback is expensive. Consequently, Microsoft has removed the in-built DVD playback system from Windows 8. Windows DVD maker is also missing from Windows 8.

Windows Media Center, the integrated media playback system from Microsoft has also been withdrawn from Windows 8, as not many people use this feature. If you want you can always activate Media Center by paying a small fee. To do this, you need to use the ‘Add features to Windows 8’ option.

No ‘Previous Versions’ Feature; No ‘Backup and Restore’


The ‘Previous Versions’ feature, which allowed users to reinstate previous versions of files – and which was activated by default in Windows 7 – is no longer available in Windows 8. The ‘Windows Backup and Restore’ feature has also been removed.

Windows Update notifications do not appear on the Desktop


In earlier versions of Windows, if you had set Windows Update to notify you before downloading and installing updates, you would get notifications on your desktop (in your system tray). That option has been removed from Windows 8. In Windows 8, all Update notifications are displayed on the ‘Login’ screen.


How to Run an Internet Radio Station

Internet Radio is a business that is growing rapidly, and flourishing at an equally fast rate. In today’s world of cutting edge broadcasting, traditional FM/AM radio stations are finding it difficult to survive. Internet Radio, on the other hand, faces no such threat, and is increasing its reach every day. Technological advancements have made it possible for net-savvy users all over the world to break down barriers and set up and run Internet radio stations. However, it is not very easy job to set up an Internet radio station and keep it running successfully.


The initial things to keep in mind while setting up an Internet Radio Station are:

  1. You need to decide on what format you want for your radio station. Do you want your radio station to be a music station, or one which is based on talk shows? You can further divide these categories, for example, you can have political talk shows, or talk shows about media and music. You need to decide what you want to present to people, and stick to it.
  2.  You need to keep all the legal aspects in mind. For this you need to register with institutions which allow you to set your radio station for a nominal cost, and they handle all the legalities for you.
  3. If you are running a music station, keep your music lists well prepared. You need variety and a large number of tracks on hand. The moment you start repeating tracks, you will start losing your audience.
  4. Pay attention to marketing. Put up ads in forums, websites and other relevant places. One easy marketing trick is to organize competitions with gifts, which will naturally draw crowds.

Once you have set up your Radio station, you need to keep it running. You need more than just technological know-how for that. The steps to follow to make sure your radio station thrives are:


  1. Whichever format you use, stick to it. If you offer variety, for example, music interspersed with talk shows, stick to that format everyday. This will help in building up a dedicated listener-base.
  2. Bring expertise and finesse to your show. You don’t want to run a radio station that people will treat as background noise. Bring on committed experts to host your shows. Internet users are mostly multi-taskers, and you need a good, enthusiastic host to draw a crowd and keep them hooked.
  3. Be punctual. Just because your station is on the Internet does not mean you have the liberty to ignore time limits. If you have a one hour program, keep it to one hour. Respect your listener base’s time.
  4. Make sure you have top-notch technical equipment. That doesn’t mean it has to be very expensive, though. You can utilize inexpensive equipment skillfully to get the best out of it. For example, you can buy a Flip Jack, which will allow multiple users to plug in at the same time using microphones. You can also use a Flip Jack to connect a live broadcast via the cell phone.
  5. Create your own website, and host your radio station on that website. Promote your show on your website by providing information about show timings, show hosts, etc. Always provide accurate information about your programming schedule.