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delete chrome history

How to Delete Chrome History Selectively

Google Chrome has a sharp memory and it is quite good when it come to memorize your browsing data, whether it is search history or web-pages. But may you would not wish to reveal your browsing pattern to anyone who opens the Google Chrome after you. Well, you can delete chrome history (browsing data) ...
gmail contacts export

Export Import Gmail Contacts

In any case, if you need to change your Gmail account you may wish all your Gmail contacts to transfer to a new Gmail account. Then how to do it? Its simple. Google offers an easy system which allows you to export Gmail contacts from one Gmail account to other Gmail account(s). You can do it at your ...
outlook spell check thumbnail

How to perform spell check in Outlook?

Mr. Vankat sent an outlook-email to one of the reliable customer with a carbon-copy (CC) to his Boss. Soon after, Boss found spelling mistakes in the email and took it very seriously as it affected the credibility of the Company. Off-course you would never wish to find yourself in place of Mr. Vankat. Outlook ...

How to Select a Printer as a Default Printer?

Windows has an option which asks you to select a printer whenever you are going to print a document or file, no matter if a numbers of printers are installed to your computer or you are connected to a network with multiple printers. You may select a specific printer as your default printer, which means, ...

Organize Your Browser with Pin Tab

“I can open as many as 20 or more tabs at once and I can switch to the most useful-one anytime. Sounds pretty well! Isn’t it? Yes it is true.”   If you are student, a researcher, a SEO Professional, you name it, searching or surfing though many web pages open at once in a single ...

How to Sync Gmail contacts with Android

Smartphones using Google’s Android OS gives you the power to use Google services. If you use Gmail on Android Phone, you can traster or sync Gmail contact list with it. The process is simple, painless and it doesn’t take too much of your time. When you have your Gmail contacts on your Android phone, ...
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